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FAQ: Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions for Appalachian Wireless Customer Self Care Center.

New Payment Process

Your payment request is now processed immediately and you will be provided information about the success of the payment and the authorization code that you can keep that verifies payment. You will also receive an email verifying the payment. The payment will be reflected on your account the next business day. If the payment is denied by your financial institution, the reason for the failure could result from mismatched information between what you key in and what they have of record on your account. If you do experience a denial, it may be that a physical address is required by the payment verifying agency and a post office box is not acceptable. So if the failure is because of an address mismatch, contact your card/account provider and request that your mailing address remain as the post office box but that your physical address be changed to the correct 911 address provided for your home.

Logging of Accesses to Account

Just as every request for information about your customer account with us is logged when you call us, each access to your online account is also logged on your account.

Protection of Your Account Information

A password has always been required for your online account and should be protected by you so that unauthorized access cannot occur. When you phone us for assistance, we also require a passcode now so that we can help you protect your private information and in accordance with the new FCC rules governing the protection of customer information. If you have not yet established a passcode with us, please call a representative by dialing *611 from your cellular phone and provide a passcode for future access.

What's the difference between off peak and off-off peak?

Off peak reflects minutes used from the night-time minutes of your plan (after 8pm or 9pm depending upon plan type). Off-off peak minutes reflect minutes used during weekend hours (from 8pm or 9pm Friday night through 6am Monday morning). Many plans provide unlimited minutes for the off-off peak hours.

Does Voicemail use my minutes?

Yes, the use of your voicemail to either leave a message or to retrieve a message uses minutes from your plan.

Does data use my minutes?

No, data usage draws from the megabyte bucket (differing depending upon the data plan type selected).

Why does it show me calling myself or unavailable?

You do call your cellular number when you access your voicemail and all usage is recorded and reported on your call detail report even if you are not using minutes that pull from your plan. A call record will show unavailable if a caller has blocked their number from delivery when they place a call to your cellular number.

How can I determine if a call was an incoming or an outgoing call on my call detail?

If your phone number is listed in the TermNumber column, then the call was an incoming call. The call was an outgoing call if your number is listed in the OrigNumber column.

Why do I still get a bill when I pay online or have arranged for automatic payment?

We will be glad to set your account so that no bill is printed if you will request that of our representatives. Some customers do not view or print their bill online and desire to receive a paper copy of the bill though they elect to pay automatically or online.

If I change my plan, does it renew my contract?

No. Unless you have received special pricing on a handset that was dependent upon a specific plan value, you can change your plan when you desire and no alteration to the terms of your agreement for service occur.

I got my bill and there is 'CR' beside the amount owed. What does that mean?

The value with the 'CR' beside it is a credit balance and you do not owe any amount at that time.

I disconnected my account and there is now a credit balance on it. When will you send me the amount of the credit?

Because minutes used while roaming often take quite a while to be presented to us, we do not return the credit balance until your last bill has processed. You should receive your credit balance within 6-8 weeks.

I paid a deposit when I opened my account, when will I get it back?

After twelve months of uninterrupted service (no hotline or disconnection of the service) and with no late pays (days past the due date), your deposit will be credited to your account. You will normally see it on the bill during the 13th or 14th month of service.

What does MTM mean?

MTM designates minutes used when calling from your cellular phone (mobile) to another cellular phone for an Appalachian Wireless customer. Many of our plans now offer free MTM calling but the minutes are reported though there is no charge for them and they do not use your plan minutes.

Why do I see roaming minutes reported on my bill when I have a nationwide plan?

All minutes are broken out into type, including those used while roaming even though you are billed no toll or roaming charges for those minutes. When all minutes are added you get an accurate count of the minutes used on your phone though some are free or covered in your plan.

What are roaming minutes?

If your call is carried on a tower that is not owned by Appalachian Wireless, the call is considered to be roaming. Your handset will reflect that you are roaming and often you will be instructed to use the area code when dialing a number while you are roaming though it is not required from our towers. When you have a plan that provides nationwide service, Appalachian Wireless pays the carrier who owns the tower on which your call was carried for that use and we do not pass that cost to you.