News and Updates

New Tower: Sidney – May 7th, 2018
We are pleased to announce our new Sidney site located in Pike County. It provides voice and 1x/3G data service on Hwy 119 between Meta and Canada.

LTE Expanded for Five Locations – May 3rd, 2018
We have added LTE to our Five Mile site in Breathitt County. We have also expanded the LTE capacity for the following sites: Warfield and Inez_2 in Martin County, Index in Morgan County, and Boldman in Floyd County.

New Tower: Five Mile – March 8th, 2018
We are pleased to announce our new site “Five Mile” in Breathitt County. It covers Highway 15 between Jackson and Bethany. The site will be providing CDMA voice and 1x/3g data initially. It will eventually be updated to 4G LTE in the coming weeks/months.

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