Trade-In Program

Appalachian Wireless is excited to announce our new device trade-in program. By trading in your old device, you can save big on new device purchases or receive a bill credit for your Appalachian Wireless service!

How does the Appalachian Wireless trade-in program work?

Taking advantage of our new trade-in program is easy. When you visit your Appalachian Wireless retail store to purchase a new line, renew an existing line, or purchase a new device outright, you will be eligible to trade-in your old device for a credit onto your Appalachian Wireless account. This can save you big when you're purchasing that new device you've been eyeing!

How do I know how much my device is worth?

Simply bring your device and visit your local Appalachian Wireless store and a friendly Retail Sales Associate will assess the value of your device.

What can I use my trade-in credit for?

You can use your trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new device or as a credit on your Appalachian Wireless bill. Just another way Appalachian Wireless is Better Service, Bigger Savings!

Are there any restrictions?

All devices being traded in must be clear of any liens. A lien would include any past-due balance; being associated with an account in collections; or any device that has had an insurance claim filed against it. You can only bring in one device for each new device you purchase or line you add or renew, so for example if you were renewing 3 lines, you could do 3 device trade-ins.

I have questions regarding this program...

If you have questions regarding the trade-in program, please give us a call today at (800) 438-2355 or online using our online form.