Net Neutrality Disclosure

East Kentucky Network, dba Appalachian Wireless ("Appalachian Wireless"), is committed to providing all of its customers with the best online experience possible. Appalachian Wireless does not inhibit the ability of its customers to access the Internet through its wireless broadband services. Appalachian Wireless permits the use of its broadband services for browsing the Internet (via Appalachian Wireless phones or devices), using email, downloading legally permissible content via the Internet, accessing and using corporate email and/or corporate business applications associated with its customers' places of employment.

Appalachian Wireless allows its customers to choose from several rate plans to satisfy a wide range of calling needs. Many plans include free features to enhance service and provide added functionality and convenience. Data plans are also available with different amounts of total data usage to meet individual needs. Data plans with more data usage are more expensive than those with less data. Appalachian Wireless does not block applications, impose usage limits, or engage in "throttling" to reduce the throughput to customers using a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, except as specifically disclosed in relation to Unlimited Data Plans 1. Instead, Appalachian Wireless uses an "open pipe" approach and undertakes best efforts to ensure a high-quality online experience for all of its customers. As a result, at times of heavy usage, customers may experience delays in downloading or uploading files or a sluggish Web surfing experience.

Appalachian Wireless network management does not monitor or inspect network traffic for non-network management purposes. Traffic analysis information is considered highly confidential and is not sold or forwarded to any third-party companies. Traffic is not stored or recorded in any way that could be used to identify an individual customer's use.

Appalachian Wireless does not offer any special services related to video or other high priority usage protocols. All customers are treated exactly the same.

The typical speed range of broadband service experienced by most customers is 100K-2000K. Appalachian Wireless measures its network performance through the utilization of internal networking equipment and this is the only performance measurement equipment used. Appalachian Wireless believes this approach provides the best approximation of actual speeds and latency for its service. Customers can verify speeds using a variety of third-party websites, such as (as of November 20, 2011), to measure the provisional speeds of Appalachian Wireless' broadband service. Such third-party websites are not affiliated with Appalachian Wireless and the company does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy of test results obtained through those third-party sites.

Only phones and devices provided by Appalachian Wireless will be supported in providing network services. More information about the specific devices approved for use on Appalachian Wireless' network can be found on its retail website at

Consumers may access our Pricing and Privacy policies via our website at:

Consumers with questions or issues may contact our Customer Service Department through the Appalachian Wireless website or by calling (800) 438-2355.

1. For Unlimited data plans, speeds will be slowed after 25GB of use for phones/tablets and 15GB for modems to 512Kbps.